How do we treat bags under the eyes?

Ointment to reduce bags, wrinkles, and dark circles under the eyes TSUKIM

The sensitivity of the area around the eyes

The area around the eyes is characterized by high sensitivity, therefore signs of aging appear there compared to other areas of the body and face. Both age takes its toll and exposure to the sun, to harmful chemicals found in make-up preparations, perfumes, and other care materials, as well as environmental pollution. This is in an area where the skin is very thin and sensitive, there is a tendency to dryness and increased blood capillaries, a lack of skin fat, and relatively many movements related to facial expressions and blinking.

In addition, the loosening of the skin under the eyes, and a decrease in muscle tone in the same area, may lead to the accumulation of fluid under the eyes: "bags". The phenomenon is aggravated by diabetes, kidney problems, hypothyroidism, smoking, and lack of sleep.

Sometimes black circles will also appear as veins visible through the thin skin of the area, which gets thinner as the years go by. Also, the phenomenon is related to an unbalanced diet, fatigue and few hours of sleep, exposure to the sun, hereditary aspects, hormonal changes, and more.

If so, this is an area that requires special attention in terms of the care routine and protection against potentially harmful substances and habits. Furthermore, the area around the eyes is one of the most prominent and influences the external appearance, since through the eyes we create a direct connection with others, and a significant part of the impression depends on the eyes, which are a "window to the soul". Therefore, many people who suffer from signs of aging around the eyes see it as an aesthetic defect, making them look more tired, sad, tense, and older than they feel. This is where an eye ointment produced by our company comes into play.

TSUKIM Ointment for eyes

TSUKIM is a TSUKIM eye ointment designed to increase tone, for older facial skin and especially for bags under the eyes. This is a firming, tightening, and nourishing paste for dry to mixed facial skin, based on shea butter, wormwood, cypress, geranium, and oleander. These are plants that undergo natural contraction as a way of protection against fluid loss, so after application, you feel a slight stretch of the skin. The ointment does not contain preservatives and stabilizers that may damage the health of the skin, and its high concentration allows the use of a very small amount at a time. The ointment will also be useful for strengthening the tone of the veins under the eyes and is therefore expected to help reduce the phenomenon of dark circles. Since the composition is very concentrated, it is sometimes too strong, and to avoid an overreaction, it is recommended to combine it with a little TOVA - an ointment for the skin with areas of redness. To improve blood circulation Under the eyes, it is recommended to combine, before applying the TSUKIM ointment, the absorption of the AGAM eye serum.
For those with young skin, there is another composition: HERBS OF KEDEM EYE CREAM, which is lighter.
Results of use are expected within two months, but in the case below they are already evident after three days of use: