MIRACLE (TOVA) Tissue Regenerating Balm - Treatments For Scarred Skin

MIRACLE (TOVA) Tissue Regenerating Balm - Treatments For Scarred Skin

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MIRACLE (TOVA) Tissue Regenerating Balm - Treatments For Scarred Skin

Scars appear primarily following skin injuries:  acne pimples, burns, cuts, surgeries, etc.  In the injured area, the body creates a blockage made of collagen, a protein that is an important constituent of the skin.  This blockage does not contain hair follicles and pores and therefore has a smoother appearance than that of the surrounding skin.  During a normal healing process, the collagenase enzyme from the blood gradually breaks down this blockage and enables the skin to reappear in place of the scar.  If, however, blood vessels near the scar are too damaged, this process may not occur, and the scar will remain in its place.

Current treatments for scars include pressure bandages with silicone surfaces as well as various ointments containing silicone, collagen, etc.

The Everlasting plant (Helichrysum italicum), possesses exceptional efficacy for the external treatment of scars, burns, inflammations, hematomas, and bruises.  In a preliminary experiment with skin transplant, the Tissue Regenerating Oil, containing extracts of Everlasting, caused the skin to be accepted faster while enabling blood channels to approach each other in a smoother manner. Among the components of its essential oil, Everlasting contains italidione- an agent which bins with fibrin (the component of blood clots), thereby enabling the unclogging of fine blood vessels; this is likely to facilitate access of collagenase to the scar area.

For existing scars (up to 2 years; older scars are too difficult to treat),  the Tissue Regenerating Oil should be applied at least once a day. It is recommended to apply it before and after surgery on a specific area.  The ingredients of this mixture will also help the healing of post-surgery wounds.

In the case of acne-prone skin, the Skin Disinfecting Solution should be used instead of the Tissue Regenerating Oil.

Treatments for couperose

Couperose is the appearance of fine red blood vessels on the facial skin.

It is best treated by absorbing the Facial Serum in the evening, followed by the Tissue Regenerating Oil (on the reddish areas).  Avoid peeling treatments, exposure to the sun, and usage of soaps or synthetic creams.

Treatments for dark skin pigmentation

Enduring dark pigmentation of specific skin areas may appear upon birth, or emerge during the years as a result of exposure to the sun; scarring; hormonal changes; usage of medications; allergies.

Sometimes, reddishness will precede the brown pigmentation; at such a stage, the treatment is very rapid (within days), using the Tissue Regenerating Oil. 

For older pigmentation spots (up to 2 years old; older spots cannot be treated this way), daily application of the Tissue Regenerating Oil is required, for several months (1-2 months old pigmentation spots may disappear sooner); results may be partial in some cases.

Avoid peeling treatments, exposure to the sun, and usage of soaps or synthetic creams.

MIRACLE (TOVA) Tissue Regenerating Balm

General Description:


  • Speeds up recovery of blood channels in tissues
  • Enhances blood absorption from hemorrhages
  • Promotes tissue regeneration
  • Helps to heal scars (when present for less than one year)
  • Anti-inflammatory, due to plant hormones, flavonoids, neryl acetate, various glucosides
  • Anti-allergic
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Anti-viral

Suggested Ingredients: Extracts in olive oil and essential oils of Everlasting (Helichrysum italicum), Myrtle (described already in the Bible) and Lavender.

Usage instructions:

  • Blood spots, burns, hematomas (particularly for people taking blood-diluting medications), scars: Massage the affected area every 3 hours, for acute cases, or 1-2 times a day, until the problem is solved.
  • Couperose, dark pigmentation: absorb onto the skin daily, for at least one month (precede it with MESHI Facial Serum).
  • Gingivitis; Ulcers; Pemphigus; Teething babies: Massage the gums at night.  (A reduction in sensitivity and a change of color may appear already within 1 hr; an improvement in the condition of the gums may appear within days).  Avoid brushing with detergents-containing toothpaste (the GUM-ON Oral Hygiene Toothpaste may substitute such toothpaste).
  • Anal fissure: Immerse a piece of cotton wool in the AFOULIM Hemorrhoids Treatment Balm and drip 3 droplets of the TOVA Regenerating Balm  Place near the anus and leave overnight.  Repeat for at least 2 weeks.
  • Lupus pains: Apply twice daily on required areas.
  • Skin allergies: Apply to the skin in the evening.  Consider the usage of the NIKUZIT Detox Infusion
  • Herpes wounds (of all types): apply 2 times a day.  Consume the NIKUZIT Detox Infusion during the treatment. Limitations: Do not use internally for children aged under 5, or women during the first three months of pregnancy.


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